Word of the Day: Glory 

Definition: Public praise; honor and/or fame; praise of a God or Goddess; worshipful praise (Merriam-Webster, 2015).

Glory is a common term used in church services that I have attended. I have heard preachers say, “Come on and give God the glory.” Then immediately, I would hear (and participate in) an uproar of praise and applause and see the waving of hands. One day, while listening to a sermon online, I began to tune into the pastor commanding the church to give God the glory. As they began to praise, there seemed to be this continuous buildup of praise that grew louder. This evoked emotion in me, and I found myself in full participation as the pastor continued to exhort the people. 

I started thinking about God and how good He really is. Over and over, He continues to show us as well. In tribulation, even though it is sometimes hard to see while our vision is clouded, God is good. I began to feel an unmeasurable amount of gratitude for Jesus and how He continued to intercede on my behalf. Glory truly belongs to God. I praise people for doing excellent work and achieving major accomplishments. Even with those that I love and have a strong connection with, I can be extremely happy for them. But there is something that happens when I begin to praise God. Literally, it feels like there is reciprocated interaction that occurs in praising Him. God is great and deserves all the glory. 

Action: Try to be consistent in giving God the glory in all seasons of your life. You will witness how powerful He is. God can give you peace, hope, joy, etc. 

Prayer: Most gracious Father, I glorify and magnify Your name. Words can never express my gratitude and love that I have for You. Thank You for allowing me to be in Your presence and take what I need to apply to my life. You are my ultimate resource, all-knowing and all-powerful and I count it a blessing to give You the glory. Even during my tribulation, I ask that You help me to reframe my thinking and hold fast to the fact that You are with me and there is no failure in You. All these things I ask in Jesus’s name. Amen.

Affirmation: Every opportunity I get, I will give God the glory.