Word of the Day: Shine

Definition: To give forth, or glow with light; to be bright with light. To excel; to immediately be apparent (, 2015 & Farlex, 2003-2015). 

Do you ever wonder what is so special about light? There are many biblical references to it. People refer to light in motivational speeches and messages. It is universally known as a positive force even without religious context. Light was created by God, and He even called it Day (Gen. 1:3-5). Our Creator, in His infinite wisdom, knew the importance of light. Light illuminates. It is seen immediately in darkness. It reveals, clarifies and purifies. It can be seen and more importantly, it takes action. The actual word, light is a verb-infused noun that serves many purposes that all circle back to an idea reflecting positivity- which is exactly what it means to shine. 

Action: Think of at least two ways you can shine or help someone else to shine today.

Prayer: Lord, as I continue to gain understanding of light and its importance, I ask that You shine through me. Daily, I ask for Your direction and guidance as I read the word. Thank You for illuminating my paths and removing me from darkness. Let Your presence remain with me as I continue my journey to shine. 

Affirmation: I will let the light in me shine for all to see.