Daily Devotions With Jonathan Falwell


Have you experienced a time of praying with friends when you were in one accord? 

In the New Testament, there’s a story that caught my attention about the twelve disciples being in the upper room praying after Jesus’ resurrection. So much had happened that was totally unbelievable, I am sure they all had different versions and opinions of these events. But the Bible describes them as all in one accord. They weren't sitting in the room arguing over who saw Jesus first or who knew this was going to happen. No, it says that they were all together, in one accord, praying.  Unbeknownst to these men, it was time for the New Testament church to be birthed out of this group.  Do you see how important it was for them to be in harmony?  The Holy Spirit was going to move on them in an extraordinary way. We all need to remember this as we do ministry with our church family. God may be getting ready to do something amazing through you--but you must be in one accord with your brothers and sisters in Christ!