Daily Devotions With Jonathan Falwell


Have you felt God has called you to do something? 

The apostle Paul has an incredible story that illustrates how the call of God changes everything. We can be minding our own business and doing exactly what we think is important or right. When God shows up, however, everything changes! When God called Paul on the Damascus Road, his entire trajectory changed from being a persecutor of the church to a bold witness for the gospel of Jesus Christ. When God calls, we've got to listen! Now let's be honest, so often you and I get to the place where we're so busy doing the things we think are important that we miss the call of God. We need to always be in a position to listen to God’s call, not matter what is happening around us. We cannot be insensitive to what he is calling us to do! Most of us will never be in a situation where a bright light will shine down as we’re driving our car and a voice from heaven will speak to us, but when He speaks to you, listen! God's call is always unmistakable!