Daily Devotions With Jonathan Falwell


I am sure you feel like you have never done evil in the sight of God, but is that really true?

In 1 and 2 Kings, you see this statement used over and over again:  “The people did evil in the sight of the Lord.”  This was referring to the people of Israel who were living the way that they wanted to live, they were doing things the way that they wanted. They weren't worried about what was right or what was wrong, because in their own minds, they had already decided what was right. Make no mistake, today is no different than back then! We're living our lives based on what we like to do; our lives and actions are our own preferences and our own principles. We’re all living our lives, doing what seems right in our own eyes. However, if we are living in a way that is against what God has designed, we are actually doing evil in the sight of the Lord. However, because of what Jesus has done at the cross you can ask for healing and forgiveness! Will you seek after Him today?