Always In Control

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God is in control. Wisdom recognizes this reality and relinquishes the reins of self-preservation while grasping tightly to the yoke of His hope. Wrapping yourself in the truth of God’s providential provision will help you to deal with life on good days and bad days. It is in knowing that God is in control that you get rid of the concepts of mistakes, luck, chance or fate. It means you recognize that things are not random even if they look random. It means that the pathway you are on is leading somewhere with a purpose. It means you have hope.

The sovereignty of God is so spectacular that He reigns even over the infinitesimal details while simultaneously keeping the stars, moon and sun hanging in their places. If we could ever get this next verse in the depth of our psyche so much so that it gives birth to our beliefs, our lives would rid themselves of anxiety and grief. Psalm 115:3 tells us, “But our God is in the heavens; He does whatever He pleases.” Essentially, God is in charge—He does whatever He wants to do.

God is so comprehensively, completely sovereign that He holds no checks and balances to keep Him slowed down. He has no bureaucracy and hoops to jump through in order to carry out His decisions. He sustains and develops that which He brings into existence.