True North: LIVE Free In Marriage


Today we will be looking at the fourth habit of a healthy and thriving marriage: reading together. Clearly reading God’s word needs to be a priority, but also books on marriage, parenting, finances, time management, etc. Whatever you need a little help in, read and learn together.

This is especially true with God’s word. Be honest with your spouse and tell them if you’re struggling with patience, pride, fear, lust, etc. Then look up scripture together; read it, discuss it, and then pray together about it.

If your finances are a wreck, then get a copy of Financial Peace by Dave Ramsey and read it together. Reading and learning together begin to align your thoughts and spirits and help to close divides that are present. It also gives an avenue for intentional quality time, which is often lacking in struggling marriages.

Amy and I love to take road trips, either together or with our children. We often read a book or article while driving. Let me clarify, she reads out loud, and I drive. Let’s all be safe!

One of the greatest tools of this century has been the internet, smartphones, and apps. More than likely, that is exactly what you are reading right now—the Bible app on YouVersion. Now you can read plans together or with friends. So let’s say you and your spouse are both reading this plan but one of you reads in the morning and the other at lunch, now you can both come together at night and discuss it. It’s perfect!

Take a few moments and ask God and yourself: “Have I been faithful to reading the Bible? What should my spouse and I be reading right now?”