In the few days before he died, it seems Jesus spent a lot of time calming and comforting his disciples. He was preparing them not just for his death but he for all the future would hold. He knew things would be tough! (If you have time, read the whole chapter of John 14 – it truly is full of comfort and encouragement.) Things are still tough today – they always have been to a greater or a lesser extent and it’s likely they always will be this side of heaven – but Jesus’ reassurance then and now is that he, through the gift and presence of his Holy Spirit, will give us a peace that we won’t find anywhere else, no matter what. It is so different from the transient kind of peace that comes and goes and is dependent on circumstances. This peace transcends every condition or situation and will banish our troubled hearts and anxious minds. I crave that! 

Question: Can you imagine a Saviour who came as a child, but who brought with him enough light and life to embrace all the difficulties, trials and terrors of our broken world, enough peace to satisfy our deepest yearnings for it, enough hope to hold us firm and secure in the midst of desperate and difficult circumstances, enough joy to embrace all that is, and enough love to make us long for a day when all these would come together in his great perfection?