Who of us has never felt abandoned or bereft? Who of us has never been upset or distraught or disappointed? Pain is inevitable I’m afraid, but peace, like misery is optional. The problem is that so many of us look for what we need in all the wrong places and we always end up disappointed (again!) and short changed. Alcohol and drugs (legal and illegal) and material possessions won’t do it – anxiety, loneliness and heartache of every kind coexist with them. The illusion of a glorious life – those of you with Facebook accounts know what I mean – won’t necessarily bring you lasting peace either. But we get so caught up in thinking that any number of these sorts of things will. We place our hope in things that are temporary and transient at best and we fail to recognise the real and lasting peace promised by Jesus himself. 

Question: What is it, other than Christ Jesus, that is guarding your heart and mind? What is it, that is keeping you anxious and robbing you of peace?