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Stay Humble

After Gideon had defeated the Midianites and freed Israel from their oppression; the Israelite wanted to make him king over them. But Gideon’s response to the people was that he will not rule over them, but God will rule over them. 

Gideon did not take the glory of the victory to himself – he did not allow the conquest to inflate his ego. It is so sad that many people have fallen prey to the pride that comes after a great victory. 

An example of someone who made this mistake was Uriah, the King of Judah. He brought great prosperity to his people – just as in the days of Solomon, as well as great military exploits. He invented many military weapons, because God helped him. But he became proud and went into the temple to perform a priestly duty – one that he was not qualified to do according to the laws of God. When the priest confronted him, he became angry with them. At that moment, God struck him with leprosy. 

This example teaches us not to allow the exploits we do to inflate our ego. If we want to continue in our service to God, we must stay humble, just like Gideon did.