From called to CHOSEN


Stay Obedient To God

To obey God’s calling is one thing, but to stay obedient to Him through the entire process is another. Gideon had to learn this lesson when God told him to go down to the enemy camp. If Gideon had not obeyed God at that point, every other obedience and sacrifice would not have mattered. He would have failed and missed the mark of being Chosen because he would not have discovered the strategy God wanted him to deploy to defeat his enemies.  

An example of this principle is when the Israelites suffered a fatal defeat at Ai. Before this, they had defeated the impenetrable city of Jericho by obeying God, but when Achan - a fellow Israelite, kept some of the treasures they uncovered at Jericho for himself, after God had commanded that they dedicate all the treasures to Him. The result of this disobedience was the great defeat at Ai. If the Israelites had not sought the face of God and had not made amends by punishing Achan, they would have never possessed the land that God had promised them. The disobedience of one man would have robbed them of God’s promises.

It is so sad that many who God has called, who have started well, have fallen prey to this. They thought answering the call was enough and they stopped listening to the leading of the Holy Spirit and began leading a life of disobedience. Please note that no matter what you have achieved in the name of God does not give you license to be disobedient. In fact, one disobedience can undo all the other good things you have done, prior. So, stay obedient to God.