From called to CHOSEN


Recognise Your Limitations

The first step to being Chosen is to recognize that you cannot walk in God’s calling for your life in your own strength. After Gideon had vented his frustration to God, He was immediately hit with the weight of His calling, and he realised that he was unable to carry it by himself. Many may think that Gideon’s response to God’s instruction to go in his own might to defeat the Midianites was a form of unbelief and even cowardice. But I think the opposite is the case. Gideon fulfill honest with himself, and there is no greater faith than to know that you need to depend on God to fulfill the assignment that He has given you.

The Bible tells us that God uses the simple to confound the wise – He does this so that the wise will not elevate themselves and glory in themselves. A man of God once said that if what you feel God is calling you to do is what you think you can accomplish without Him, then the call did not come from God. Therefore, God’s call will always be bigger than our ambitions and intelligence. We will progress quicker in this process if, like Gideon, we raise up our hands to God and admit that we too cannot fulfill our purpose by ourselves, depending on Him alone to begin His work in us.