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Created to be Great

Most modern cars have cruise control. Cruise control was invented as a way to maintain the same speed whether uphill or down. Many people use it on long-distance drives as a way to manage constant speed. However, you won’t find the cruise control feature on motorsport racing vehicles. Why? They have been designed for speed, acceleration, performance and greatness. 

Satan wants to lull the hearts of men to cruise control and get you to just coast through life. He doesn’t want you to wake up and realize that God has created you to be great. God did not create men to be average, with no drive and no ambition. Instead, he created men to be great for His kingdom. 

Let’s look at Genesis 12:1-2. In verse 1, God calls Abram to obey His word and to submit to His authority. In verse 2, God promises greatness tied to the obedience in verse 1. In other words, Abram would only experience the greatness in verse 2 if he obeyed the command in verse 1. You see, submission and greatness are linked. On top of that, there is a method to becoming great. Too many men want to be great but don’t want to use God’s method to get there. They want to get there by promoting themselves, using power and intimidation. In God’s economy, greatness comes through service, not domination. Worldly greatness happens when we try to elevate ourselves. True greatness occurs when other people’s wellbeing is the focal point. In God’s kingdom, He searches for men serving under His rule for His purposes. And when God finds servants, He elevates them. He promotes them. He makes them great. 

Stop trying to elevate yourself. If you want to be great, submit to God’s rule, and start serving. If you do that, you’ll discover this truth: the greater the servant, the greater the person. 

Since servanthood is tied to greatness, in what ways can you be a better servant?

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