Kingdom Man

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Created to Rule

Studies show that a lion’s roar can be heard up to five miles away! This powerful roar lifts dust off the ground and shakes nearby objects. It causes every animal to stop what they’re doing and take notice. It demands attention. Why? Because a lion roars like that to declare dominion. He lets everybody know that they are entering his territory, and he is responsible for leading, providing for, and protecting all who are within his domain. 

Men, you were created to roar. You were created to rule. When God created man, He turned over the day-to-day managing to man. Up until this point, God did all the work. He spoke everything into existence, and He arranged everything. But when He created man on the sixth day, He declared, “Let them rule.” Now ruling does not mean domineering. Instead, think of ruling as managing. He gave man managerial authority to cultivate the garden and to keep it. In other words, we are to maximize the potential of everything in our world for God’s kingdom, and we are to protect everything in our world as well. God has given us authority to do so on His behalf. 

In every football game, you have players and officials. Players have power. They are younger, bigger, stronger and faster. If they hit an official, they will knock them down. The officials are older, smaller, weaker and slower. And yet, the officials rule. The players can knock the officials down, but the officials can throw the players out the game. Why? Because they have authority. The NFL commissioner has given authority to the officials to rule the game on his behalf. 

Men, God has given us authority to rule on His behalf. We are supposed to rule over God’s creation, but we must do it God’s way because He is still the owner. This is what it means to be a manager. Even though God has given us authority, we must remember that we still report up!

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Kingdom Man

Throughout history, God has always searched for and used men to advance His kingdom agenda. Satan knows this, which is why he wants to cage and emasculate men. Our world is deteriorating because men are nowhere to be fou...

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