Kingdom Man

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Kingdom Man Defined

How would you define manhood? Did your dad define it for you? Or maybe your mother did. What about your wife? How about your friends? What about TV shows, movies and popular music? How do they describe men? Try this: close your eyes, consider these sources of information, and paint a picture of a man in your mind.

Do you see him? How does he look? How does he speak and behave? 

Now take that image, crumble it into a ball, and toss it out the window. Disregard everything that everybody says about manhood, and consider the only definition that matters: God’s. God has defined manhood for us, and He has painted a picture of what kingdom men look like. 

A kingdom man can be defined as a man who visibly demonstrates the comprehensive rule of God under the lordship of Jesus Christ in every area of his life. A kingdom man’s essence is centered around alignment and submission. God never expected a man to act independently of Him. Since the beginning, He created man to be accountable to Him. For example, look at the creation of Adam. God created Adam. He created a garden specifically for Adam and placed him in it. He gave Adam a job, a purpose and a destiny to fulfill. Finally, God gave Adam instructions to live by. You see, Adam was created to operate under God’s divine authority. He was not created to live autonomously, but was created to take direction from the Lord. God created a chain of command, and Adam was to be properly aligned to Him. 

When a car is out of alignment, there are visible signs: wear and tear on tires, rough ride, etc. You can rotate the tires or tinker with the shocks, but that will not fix your car’s problem. The same is true of men. When men are not properly aligned to God, there is visible wear and tear on our families, churches and communities. Only returning to your proper place of alignment will fix these problems. 

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Kingdom Man

Throughout history, God has always searched for and used men to advance His kingdom agenda. Satan knows this, which is why he wants to cage and emasculate men. Our world is deteriorating because men are nowhere to be fou...

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