The Power Of Surrender

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God comes and offers to work this power you get from absolute surrender in you. All these searchings and hungerings and longings that are in your heart, I tell you they are the drawings of the divine magnet, Christ Jesus. He lived a life of absolute surrender, He has possession of you; He is living in your heart by His Holy Spirit. You hinder and hinder Him terribly when you grasp tight to your will, your way and your wishes. He desires to help you to get hold of Him entirely by letting go of you.

And He comes and draws you now by His message and words. 

Will you not come and trust God to work in you that power you desire through absolute surrender to Himself? 

Yes, blessed be God, He can do it, and He will do it.

God not only claims it and works it, but God accepts it when we bring it to Him.

And when you do yield yourself in absolute surrender, let it be in the faith that God does now accept of it. That is the great point, and that is what we so often miss--that believers should be thus occupied with God in this matter of surrender. I pray you, be occupied with God. 

We want to get help, every one of us, so that in our daily life God shall be clearer to us, God shall have the right place, and be "all in all." And if we are to have that power to accomplish and overcome all we desire in life, let us begin now by looking away from ourselves, and looking up to God. Offering our entire selves to Him. In absolute surrender. 

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