Christmas: The King Has Come


Luke. . . And Share

Read today's verse.

Luke heard and surely saw incredible things—things that he knew he needed to share with everyone he could. Luke, a Greek who has the distinct honor of being the only Gentile to have authored a book of the Bible—or in this case, two—was also referred to as “the beloved physician” by none other than the Apostle Paul.

While physician may bring about glamorous ideas and prestige in today’s world, in the time of the early church, physicians were often servants. It is likely that Theophilus was a patron of his, possibly a Roman ruler, as the designation “most excellent” was generally reserved for those in a position of power in the Roman Empire. Yet, Luke confidently shares with him the message of a Kingdom that is above and beyond Rome, and a King greater than Caesar.

In his intro, Luke tells Theophilus that the message he’d received from eyewitnesses about the life and ministry of Jesus needed to be shared, so that he—and by extension everyone else who has read through Luke and Acts—may understand the message of hope. From the amazing detail we find in the Gospel, it is clear Luke spoke with various pivotal people, likely including Mary, Peter, John, and others who had walked with Christ.

Yesterday, we read about the shepherds who witnessed indescribable things. But they didn’t keep to themselves what they’d seen. In fact, Luke 2:16–18 says, “And they came with haste and found Mary and Joseph, and the Babe lying in a manger. Now when they had seen Him, they made widely known the saying, which was told them concerning this Child. And all those who heard it marveled at those things which were told them by the shepherds.” They shared all they’d seen and heard, just as Luke did.

We’ve also been called to share the message of salvation through Jesus with all those whom God has placed in our lives. Like the shepherds and Luke, we have an incredible message for the whole world, and we simply cannot keep it to ourselves! And with smartphones and social media platforms literally in the palm of our hands 24/7, sharing experiences and capturing moments as they happen has never been easier.

Today, everyone shares everything. From photos, to emotions, to golden nuggets of wisdom, our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds are never lacking content. We’ve witnessed the power of Christ change our hearts and give us peace . . . now we must share this amazing news with the same excitement and joy as we do a great photo on Instagram! Take some time today to creatively share what Jesus is doing in your life.

For The Kids: Share The Good News.

Do you know what a reporter is? It’s someone who documents and tells stories to people. In the Bible, there was a doctor named Luke who wrote down and shared about the things that happened to Jesus. He found people that knew Jesus and asked them questions about His life. Luke loved Jesus and wanted others to know about His life, too. Yesterday we read about the shepherds who met Jesus and then told everyone they could about what they had just had seen.

We can tell others about Jesus just like Luke and the shepherds did. Is there someone you know who hasn’t heard the Christmas story about Jesus? Find others today and share it with them!

Today's Challenge

Share the good news of God’s love with others—in person, over the phone, through e-mail, social media, or with a hand-written note.