Christmas: The King Has Come


The Angels: Goodwill

Read today's verse.

Throughout the Bible, we find angels delivering messages from the Lord to the people. Sometimes, these messages were warnings, sometimes they were instructions, and other times they were proclamations and revelations.

In Luke 2:10–14, though, the angels did something unique . . . they broke out into full-blown praise, proclaiming “Glory to God in the highest.” And it wasn’t a small group of angels either. The Word calls it “a multitude of the heavenly host.” Another way of interpreting the terms used here is an army of angels, likely numbering in the thousands. You could say this was the army of the Great King, there to proclaim His greatness!

They came with good news for all men, to spread the message that peace—the peace of God—had come to men in the form of the child born in the city of David. The next part of the verse has seen some disagreement among scholars and Bible translators. Based on certain manuscripts and translation variations, some versions say, “peace on earth, good will towards men” and “men of good will,” while others say, “peace on earth among men with whom God is pleased.”

While the difference seems large, it is actually the same thing. The peace of God is available to all who would receive it, but only those who receive it reap its pleasure. The good news (or good tidings) the angels were proclaiming was that this peace was now available to all, and they glorified God as Lord of compassion and kindness—goodwill.

But can you separate the peace of God in man from the holiness of Christ which man receives through faith? To take a cue from the Apostle Paul: “Certainly not!” God is pleased with those who have believed in His name and have been given the right (the authority) to be called His children (John 1:12). Truthfully, holiness and peace are inseparable in the Scriptures because the peace of God only comes through the sanctifying power of Christ’s blood.

The angels had a lot to do that holy night. They praised God, proclaimed the message of peace, and pointed man towards Jesus, the King and Savior. Every day, we have the opportunity to do the same, both through our actions and our words. We can praise God and give Him the highest glory through the way we live (holiness) and share the message that brings great joy (peace). But remember, peace and holiness must go hand-in-hand.

For The Kids: Spread Goodwill.

Throughout the Bible, we find angels delivering messages from God to people. Isn’t that cool? Sometimes God gave them instructions and other times it was an announcement.

Everyone in Israel had been waiting a long time for Jesus to be born. What would you think if a thousand angels were suddenly in the sky around your house shouting, “Glory to God in the highest.”? That’d be pretty crazy, right? The angels couldn’t help but share the good news that Jesus had been born with everyone. The angels wanted everyone to know Jesus gives peace to everyone who believes in Him.

Because of what Jesus did for us, we have the opportunity to praise God like the angels did, through both our actions and our words. Think of ways you can spread the goodwill of God to your friends, classmates, or family members. Be creative!

Today's Challenge

Show goodwill! Bake a batch of cookies for a neighbor, sing carols at a nursing home, or leave a note of encouragement on a co-worker’s desk.