Christmas: The King Has Come


The Wise Men: Seeking

Read today's verse.

The wise men boldly went on the very first star trek in search of a King. But who were these men? The word used in the Greek often referred to a group of scholarly men, likely Persian or Babylonian (“the East”) priests and astrologers, who devoted their time to interpreting signs and prophecies.

With the influence Daniel had on the government of Babylon and later Persia 600 years prior, the detailed prophecies of the coming King (such as Daniel 9:24–26) found in the Hebrew Scriptures, and the large number of Jews that maintained a presence in the area after the return from exile, it makes sense that the wise men would look to the Scriptures for great signs and miracles. A number of scholars believe that these magi knew to look for the star because of the reference in Numbers 24:17 about the star and scepter that was to come out of Jacob. Did they believe the God of Abraham was the true God? It’s very possible.

On their long journey, they encountered two kings: Herod and Jesus. Here, we see an amazing portrait of two kingdoms and their rulers. Herod, like Satan, the prince of this world, went to great lengths to ensure no one would know the true King of Israel, while Jesus went to great lengths to ensure that everyone could be saved and have access to the Father.

These wise men devoted their lives to finding the King. These Gentiles trusted in God’s Word, so much so that they left their land in search of the promised King and Messiah. They sought Him in faith and with all their hearts, and rejoiced with exceeding great joy as they found their way to Him. When they found Him in all His humble splendor, they offered Him extremely valuable gifts fit for a King.

Everyone’s journey is different. But if there is one thing that we all have in common, it’s that those who seek the King will find Him. We pray that every day, you seek Christ with the same passion and enthusiasm as these wise men and offer Him the most valuable and precious gift you have—your life. He will do exceedingly, abundantly more than you could ever imagine with it!

For The Kids: Are You Looking For Jesus?

We’ve read how God used angels to tell Mary, Joseph, and the shepherds about Jesus. But God used something else to tell the wise men (who had devoted their entire lives to finding Jesus) that Jesus was born. The Bible told them that a star would appear in the sky when the King was born. Imagine how excited they were to follow the star on their long journey to visit Jesus!

When they found Jesus in the stable with Mary and Joseph they presented them with gifts. What would you give Jesus if you were meeting Him for the first time? The Bible says that when you look for Jesus, you will find Him. You see, Jesus really wants to be part of your life and the best gift you could give Him is your heart. When you invite Jesus into your heart, He promises to love you and never leave you.

Today's Challenge

Seek God as you read the Christmas story with your family, friends, neighbors, community group, or on your own.