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Be a Laser

Lasers are powerful. When light becomes that concentrated, it can achieve incredible outcomes. Lasers can burn through metal, cut glass, and even start fires. Lasers are used in surgeries as well as in printing. Lasers are sophisticated lights—they can read barcodes, weld and cut difficult materials, and analyze our bodies in a variety of medical processes.

The point is, lasers are powerful and produce powerful outcomes.

Nehemiah was a laser. He was heavily burdened by the destruction of his hometown and its places of worship. The walls around it were completely destroyed and the place was vulnerable to attacks from every side. But, Nehemiah was an inspiring leader with a clear vision. He was able to motivate every person in his hometown to share his burden and to work with precision and relentless diligence to repair the walls of the city.

When distractions came—from his enemies taunting him, to people scoffing at the work, all the way to threats of impending war—he shut down every distraction by saying, “I’m on the wall, and I can’t come down.” He had laser precision focus.

Because of his focus, he rebuilt a wall that would have taken 52 years to build in just 52 weeks. That’s just one year! That kind of focus produces outcomes.

In a world that says “just go with the flow” or “you’re doing too much,” be a laser. Know when to put up your blinders so that you can practice self-leadership as you focus on the task straight ahead.

In a world that says everyone will figure it out for themselves, look for chances to be a laser-focused leader. Identify the mission and inspire those around you to focus on the common goal. Direct and lead yourself with focus and precision.

Laser-like focus is a chance for us to be on purpose about the way we lead ourselves and others. It’s a chance to practice discipline. It’s a chance to inspire others by negating distractions. So, be a laser, and focus on the goals God has set before you.

Challenge: What are some distractions that keep you from being a laser-focused leader? How can you eliminate those distractions and focus on what God has called you to do?