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Be a Moon

Remember being a child and thinking the moon was a light—that it was glowing from the inside and lighting up the night? Then, somewhere between a science classroom and late night moon gazing, you realized the truth: The moon is not a light source. The moon is an object reflecting light from its surface.

That truth is mind-blowing. What seems like darkness at night feels that much brighter knowing that the world is being cast with light from a reflection.

Our lives are called to be like that. Just like the moon relies on the light from the sun to be seen, our lives should be a reflection of our source—our Creator.

In the Bible, John the Baptist was a moon. When he enters the scene in the four gospels, people are constantly mistaking him for the Messiah. But every time, John would reply that there was someone coming far greater than he could ever be. John, known for baptizing people—even baptizing Jesus—as an act of their faith, always pointed back to the source—God and His Son.

In a world that promotes arrogance and self-worship, be a moon. Call attention to the fact that there is nothing good within us, but anything good the world sees is just a reflection coming from our source—The Light, our Father.

In a world known for promoting evil, sin, and darkness, be a moon. Shine even in the midst of the darkness as a reminder that God is still on the throne, and it’s just a matter of time before He returns in all His glory.

In a world that says store up every good thing selfishly for yourself, be a moon. Don’t just receive the light, reflect it and share it with others.

Challenge: Brainstorm some ways you can stop relying on your own strength and start reflecting your source.