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Be Fire

Fire is a force to be reckoned with. When lit, it has the power to cause terrible destruction or the power to propel life—providing hot meals, warmth, and direction. One meaning of the word fire is actually “to stimulate or excite.” Which makes sense, because when someone is passionate about something, we often say they are “fired up.” So, what would it look like to be fire—to excite others and unite a movement through our passion?

Let’s look at the life of Moses. He was fire. God first appeared to him through a burning bush, and God gives Moses a passionate calling for his life—to lead God’s people (the Israelites) out of slavery and into freedom.

When Moses witnessed the oppression over the children of Israel, he was determined to burn through the darkness. He traded his comfort for courage. He listened to God’s leadership in his life and was able to lead a movement—a mass exodus from Egypt. Known for parting the Red Sea and trusting God’s miraculous signs and wonders, Moses’ burning passion trumped his fear as he stood up to Pharaoh (the oppressive leader) to fight for those who couldn’t fight for themselves.

The fire in Moses was a light for God’s hurting people. So, Moses called the Israelites to follow his leadership as he followed God’s. And though Moses was far from perfect, the fire within him was enough light and passion to rescue an oppressed group of people.

We can learn from Moses’ example. In a dark world that can be cold and unwelcoming, be a fire. Invite others to draw near to you for comfort and tell them they can stay as long as they need to. In a world that snuffs out the light and life of others through insults and comparisons, be a fire. Use your passion and the direction you hear from God to ignite passionate living in others.

Moses’ fire—his passion—lit the way for a movement of God’s people that impacted countless generations. So here’s your challenge: find your purpose, be a fire, and burn through the darkness.

Challenge: Ask God to reveal fire in you. Reflect on what injustice makes you righteously angry. Seek God and listen for how He might instruct you to do something about it.