Grace: Uncovered. Unfiltered. Undeserved.

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DAY ONE: Become a Christian of Law and Grace  

Any Bible-believing follower of Jesus Christ should want to walk in the grace of God, yet live a life guided by the law of God. Scripture calls us both to walk in the grace of God and to be guided by the standards of God—the boundaries that prescribe His will for our lives. This is what pleases Him. This is what makes us holy, keeps us in the power of the Spirit and makes us an answer to the crying needs of this world.

It seems like a pretty straightforward thing to me. Oh, how I wish it were!

Unfortunately, many Christians take mindless refuge in one extreme or the other. They either live a brand of grace that makes their lives barely distinguishable from the lives of those trapped in this fallen world. Or they bind themselves to an ever-growing list of laws, most of which have nothing to do with the will of God.

My goal for this devotional is to call all believers in Jesus Christ to be people of both law and grace. This is what God intends, and if I can help you amass this pearl of precious price, you will not only be able to avoid destructive extremes, but you will also live more powerfully in this present and evil world.