Running The Race Of Faith : Jesus Is Greater Series #8

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Keeping Our Eyes on Jesus  

Thoughts on the Word

You have these great examples of faith to inspire you in your race—but look to Jesus. Keep your eyes on Him!

It is easy to be discouraged by trouble. It is easy to 'carry baggage' that slows you down. It is easy to get your eyes off Jesus and onto your problems.


He is a good Father who will correct and discipline you so you get back on track. Those of you with good fathers know that they were not afraid to discipline you to get you back on track—because they loved you and wanted the best for you! So will our heavenly Father.


Father, is there anything that is taking my focus off of Jesus in my walk of faith? I would rather be corrected with a gentle rebuke rather than something more painful. So give me a heart that listens to You. Give me ears to hear and a heart to obey.

Father, I just read about these men and women who succeeded—they inspire me greatly. They cannot get me there though—only Jesus can. So help me focus on Jesus. In Jesus' name, Amen.