88 Great Daddy Daughter Dates

Day 5 of 7 • This day’s reading


Day Five

Be a Blessing to Mom

Scripture: Proverbs 31:10–31

Dedicate a day to blessing Mom with your daughter. Make her a special card where you list all the things you love about her. Prepare Mom’s favorite juice, coffee, or tea, and put together a simple breakfast for her. 

After breakfast, spend some time with your daughter serving Mom in creative ways. Take a trash bag and clean out her car. Take her shopping list and run errands for her so she can relax. Shop for a thoughtful gift, like a flower to plant in the yard, a set of scented bath items, a pretty pen or calendar for her purse, or a bag of freshly ground gourmet coffee. Maybe there’s a honey-do project you’ve been putting off for a while that your daughter could help you with. 

Use the time to talk about why Mom is special to each of you. Brainstorm together about ways you can be a blessing to her every single day. 

Read Proverbs 31:10–31 with your daughter. Take note of the ways that Mom compares to the wife and mother in the passage. Does she get up early to make school lunches? Does she juggle a career on top of managing the household? Does she encourage each of you with her words? Today you took the time to “arise and call her blessed” (v. 28)! 

A mom juggles countless details to care for her family. Sometimes she runs out of time or energy to take care of herself. Recognizing her loving efforts and taking the time to lighten her load, even for one day, means so much to a busy mom! 

A note to single dads: If you and your daughter’s mom are divorced or separated, it is still a tremendous benefit to your daughter to see the way you honor her mother. We love like Christ when we serve others without expecting anything in return. If you are parenting alone for other reasons, choose a friend or relative who is significant in your daughter’s life whom you can serve together. A teacher, a friend, or a grandmother will appreciate your thanks for her part in caring for your daughter.


Dear Lord, Thank you for the gift of Mom! We see your love for us through her words and the way she takes care of us. Please teach us how to encourage her each day. Amen!