88 Great Daddy Daughter Dates

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Day One

What Little Girls Are Made Of

Scripture: Isaiah 58:11

I often hear how significant a dad’s relationship with his daughter is to her emotional and spiritual well-being. You’re going to be the first important and influential man in your daughter’s life. A strong relationship with your daughter can direct her heart and mind toward the right influences, and ultimately toward a relationship with God. 

So many voices surrounding our daughters tell them what they’re not: not thin enough, not stylish enough, not smart enough, not athletic enough, not, not, not. A dad can communicate to his daughter who she truly is: a beautiful child of a God who created her intentionally, has plans for her, and loves her with all his heart. This message is conveyed through time spent together where affirmation, fun experiences, meaningful conversations, and prayers happen. 

I don’t know about you, but no guy is good enough for any of my daughters. The boy that comes along who is interested in my little girl had better be a respectful, trustworthy, kind, and godly man if he even thinks he’s going to have a shot at dating her. That’s how I feel, but I had better parent my daughters in a way that models how they deserve to be loved. Then they won’t want to settle for less—they’ll wait for the young man who is worthy of holding their hearts. By developing a pattern of loving, intentional fathering, you will shape her standard for relationships for a lifetime. 

As you plan dates with your daughter, be intentional. Choose specific times to spend with her, write them on your calendar, and stick to the plan as best you can. If you need to reschedule due to an unexpected conflict, put a new date on the calendar right away. This will assure your daughter of your commitment to spend time with her. 

Dates with your daughter need to be not just entertaining but significant as well. You want to create an environment where you can hear how she’s doing and listen to her as she opens up. 

I pray for God’s blessing on each dad who uses this devotional to connect with his daughter. May you find joy in winning her heart! 

Father, I want to build a stronger relationship with [daughter(s)] but I don’t always know how to do it. Help me have the patience, courage, and motivation I need to communicate love to her! Amen.