88 Great Daddy Daughter Dates

Day 2 of 7 • This day’s reading


Day Two

Date One: Flip a Coin

Scripture: Proverbs 3:5–6

Buckle up in the car with your daughter and give her a coin. Pop in a CD or set your MP3 player to some favorite music. If she asks where you’re going, well, you have no idea! Begin driving down your street and ask your daughter to flip the coin. If the coin lands on heads, take the next right turn. If the coin lands on tails, take the next left turn. Set your timer for three minutes. When the timer goes off, have your daughter flip the coin again. If it lands on heads, take another right turn; tails mean another left. Repeat this every three minutes for about half an hour. 

During your drive time, don’t worry if you find yourselves driving in circles—that’s part of the fun. Use this time to talk about her week at school, plans for your next family vacation, or any funny stories you have to share about school or work. 

At the end of your half hour of driving, see where you have arrived! Find the nearest place around you to stop for a soda or ice cream. 

As you share your treat, talk about how life is full of surprises. Sometimes we can’t make heads or tails out of what is going on. The Lord is the only one who knows the future, and he usually only shows us a little bit of his plan at a time. Ask your daughter these questions: 

Did it make you feel stressed out when you didn’t know where you were going? 

Did you feel relaxed because you knew your dad was in the driver’s seat? 

Have you ever felt worried because you didn’t know how a situation would turn out? 

Share with your daughter about a time when you were worried about the future or had a tough choice to make. Describe how God took care of you in that situation or helped you with that decision. It can be a challenge to trust our heavenly Father with the future. 

Dear Father, We thank you for being in the driver’s seat of our lives. You are all-knowing and all-powerful, so we know you can handle anything that comes our way. Please teach us to trust you when hard things happen or we don’t know what to do. Show us how to follow you every day. Amen!