A Wife's Greatest Influence

Day 3 of 4 • This day’s reading


Maybe you sense your husband struggles with pornography. Maybe the new young secretary seems to have some extra affection for your husband. Maybe he gets so discouraged that he has been stopping at the grocery store on the way home to pick up something to drown his distress in too many drinks, or too much food.

Maybe he’s starting to lose his hair and his previously perfectly toned body now sags and he’s feeling like a has-been and overdoses every night on football, baseball, or basketball TV marathons. Maybe he’s facing real problems with one of your children and can’t seem to find the answer. 

All these problems are prevalent in our society today, aren’t they? 

No matter who your husband is, he faces many of these temptations, like every other man. Appeal to God to protect your husband from the temptations he’s most vulnerable to and ask God to fill him with extra comfort. 

Focus not on attacking him but on protecting him. Comfort him so that his inner strength will increase and he will have the courage to say no when tempted. 

Can you think of three challenging problems that you know your husband is currently struggling with? Pray about these things. You don’t have to tell him, “I want to pray for you about this.” Just be one with your husband and care enough to find out either in conversation or through your discernment what challenges he is dealing with.