Peter: A Leader Made, Not Born

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The Leader Devoted

Peter valued his relationship with Jesus over everything else, other relationships, knowledge, service, position, experiences, etc. No matter how busy he got, no matter how chaotic his surroundings were, no matter how demanding the crowds became, Peter made spending one-on-one time with Jesus his top priority always.

Even though he was one of the twelve and the three, Peter took nothing for granted, but continued to work out his salvation with fear and trembling, just as Paul would later encourage all believers to do. When Jesus spoke, Peter never assumed what He said was for someone else, but took it to heart, always holding himself up for scrutiny and inspection against what Jesus preached to make sure that he would not be left out of God’s Kingdom. Peter never stopped pursuing holiness. 

Peter accepted Jesus’ encouragement and His rebuke with humility, not only allowing Jesus to silence him, but also to make an object lesson of him for the good of the other disciples without offering a word of complaint or argument. 

Peter expressed his devotion openly. He worshipped Jesus not caring who saw him, what they thought, or how they might respond. Although Peter’s devotion sometimes led him to do rash things, it came from a sincere heart, one that wanted nothing more than to please Jesus, be near Him, and know Him better. 

Because Peter put intentional time, effort, and energy into his personal relationship with Jesus, he grew intellectually, socially, and spiritually. When the time came for Peter to lead, he was ready. 

What about you? Do you put intentional time, effort, and energy into your personal relationship with Jesus? Do you continually hold yourself up against the truth of God’s Word for scrutiny and inspection? Do you let the Holy Spirit add and take away as He sees fit? Do you express your devotion to Jesus openly?