Peter: A Leader Made, Not Born

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The Leader Engaged

From the moment Jesus called him out, Peter was a willing and eager recruit, fully engaged in the process of preparation for Kingdom work. 

When we first meet Peter, he’s just an ordinary guy going about his ordinary business, not even as moved by John the Baptist’s message of repentance as his brother was.  As far as we can tell from the overlapping accounts we find in the Bible, he was first approached about Jesus by his brother Andrew. 

Andrew was worked up over the possibility that Jesus might be the Messiah. He and Peter must have talked about the possibility for a while as they fished because that’s how Jesus found them. When Jesus walked by, Andrew pulled Peter away from his fishing to point Jesus out, and Peter considered. Once Jesus performed a miracle with Peter’s assistance, Peter was convinced that Jesus was someone special, if not the Messiah, then someone holy and worth following, even if it meant leaving his family and livelihood behind. 

The small measure of faith Peter demonstrated earned him the right to be counted among Jesus’ disciples, or students. Peter listened to every word Jesus said and watched every miracle Jesus performed to discern whether or not Jesus truly was the Messiah Peter thought He probably was. Much later, when Jesus asked His disciples who they thought He was, Peter would be the first to identify Jesus as God’s Messiah, an answer he had at the ready because he had not only paid attention, but allowed God to open his eyes and ears. 

To be counted among Jesus’ disciples was—and is—a privilege. During His time on earth, Jesus often spent extra time explaining His sermons and parables to His disciples after addressing the crowd at large, rewarding those who made an effort to learn with additional insight. Those who did not press in like Peter did missed out. 

What about you? Are you a true disciple, or student, of Jesus Christ?  Are you spending time with other disciples? Are you active in your local church?