Peter: A Leader Made, Not Born

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The Leader's Inner Circle

From the twelve apostles, Jesus also chose Peter to be one of the three, His most trusted companions. Peter, James, and John witnessed some of Jesus’ most personal moments, a privilege that both challenged and encouraged them. 

Although the choosing of the twelve had been a somewhat formal and public event, Jesus’ selection of the three was less overt. He simply drew the three aside from time to time and showed them things the other apostles did not get to see, giving Peter, James, and John the unique opportunity to process what they experienced long before they ever had a reason to to draw from or act on it. 

The first time Jesus pulled them aside, He brought a little girl back to life, allowing them to witness His power over death. 

The second time, He allowed them to witness His glorious transfiguration, demonstrating His supremacy over historic Jewish leaders. When Peter, in his fear and ignorance, offered to build tabernacles for each of them in response to what he had seen, God shut Peter up by singling Jesus out as His Son in no uncertain terms. 

The third time, Jesus allowed Peter, James, and John to witness the extent of His agony as He prayed before His arrest and crucifixion, sweating drops of blood and giving them just a glimpse of how much obedience to God sometimes costs.

After Jesus’ ascension, Peter and John were the first to engage culture as His witnesses, advance the truth of the Gospel, and obey His command to make disciples. When the authorities intervened, they did not flinch, but continued to advance, confident that Jesus had power over death, that He was God’s Son, and that any suffering they had to endure for the sake of God’s Kingdom and glory was no more than their due diligence in light of what Jesus had suffered for them. 

Had Peter, James, and John not taken advantage of the opportunity Jesus offered them for deeper friendship and accountability, they may have made different choices on the day of Pentecost and the weeks that followed. 

What about you?  Besides God, who holds you accountable? How might you benefit from experiencing life with other men who love Jesus? How might they benefit from your friendship in return? Where can you find relationships like these? Are you willing to invest?