Jesus, I Want to Love You Part 4

Day 5 of 6 • This day’s reading

Read today's Bible references, then read below.


We could define enemies as those on earth who hurt us, betray our trust, abuse us, mistreat us, act unfairly, or judge unrightly. Let me ask you, who are the most difficult people in your life? Who has hurt you deeply? Is there someone who is against you? Think of these people. Now, would you pray for each one of them? Begin by confessing any lingering hurt, resentment, or bitterness.

The parallel passage in the gospel of Luke, referred to as the Sermon on the Plain, is very similar to the Sermon on the Mount. What is the word that the Lord wants you to take to heart today?

Do you love those who sin against you? Do you love Christians who say they are Christians and don’t love or live like Jesus? How often do you venture out of your world to love those who are really different?

Considering His love and mercy toward us, do you think you can trade your anger for love? Pray that God would help you to love those who are unlovable and who hurt you and to have mercy on those who don’t deserve it. Because that is what the Lord did for you.

Think carefully again about what Jesus tells us in today's Matthew 5 passage.

What do you think He means? God desires for us to come to Him, praying and confessing that we aren’t able to be perfect, and ask Him to show us how He can be our “perfectness” or righteousness. Let’s do that now.

Now spend some more time in prayer. Praise God and thank Him for the grace we have been given in Christ. Praise Him that He has given you all that you need to live like Him. He has given you Himself. Remember He is your strength. He knows that you aren’t able, but He is. What area of your heart needs the most attention right now? What adjustments do you need to make?