Jesus, I Want to Love You Part 4

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Read today's Bible references, then read below.


We say we are Christ followers. However, many of us are walking in the same path of the Pharisees—running after the same idols of materialism, comfort, and selfishness as our unbelieving neighbors, all the while wearing a façade of holiness. Jesus hammered the Pharisees hard for going to such great lengths to look righteous, while overlooking the wrongness of their hearts. They were looking so holy on the outside, making sure they were “doing everything right,” but on the inside their hearts were still far from Him. They were more interested in being “right” than in truly being righteous.

Jesus is making great efforts to re-teach that true righteousness is obeyed in our heart and in our attitude first. From the very beginning God has desired a heart-to-heart relationship with His people. He never desired that they would merely observe the Old Testament Law outwardly. Our human thinking, though, tends to turn things upside down or inside out. But the Lord does want us to live His Word from the “inside out.” He wants His Word to be planted, watered, and nurtured in the heart to the point that it grows to fullness and bears a great harvest of fruit in our words and in our deeds.


Turn your eyes to the Lord and fix your heart upon Him and not yourself or your circumstances. He is good and He is worthy of our worship and our praise. (Ps. 69:30-36)


Lord, I get so consumed with looking at the minutia in my life. I focus on things that will not last, things that obscure what is truly important. I confess that I get so distracted and I forget you and forget others. The enemy wants me to focus on everything but you! Help me. (Ps. 73:25-26)


Thank you for loving me even when I am unloveable. Thank you for helping me see the truth of your Word and having mercy upon my hardened heart. (Ps. 66:16-20.


Lord Jesus, I call to you! You are the path to true righteousness. Help me cling to your side. Light the way before me. Make your Word come alive to me this week. (Ps. 25:2-7)