Jesus, I Want to Love You Part 4

Read today's Bible references, then read below.


God wants His Word to be lived out from the inside, first in our hearts, then from our lips, and then in our lives. When we come to know Christ and choose to follow Him, we make a commitment to love and obey Him and to live out the Gospel, no matter what the cost. Are you keeping your commitment? Do you believe His promises? Do you live like you do and put your trust in them? Are your eyes on Him?

What does Paul say in 2 Corinthians?

How would you describe your yes and your no?

To really live out our “yes” and our “no” will cost something. When we take on a project or when we say to our employer that we will work hard or when we say that we will love and honor our husband, we need to be prepared to pay the cost and do what it takes to honor the Lord with our word. Before you make a promise to your husband, a friend, your boss, or your child, what do you need to do? What do you need to consider first? When you tell your husband or children or a friend that you are going to do something, can they trust you will follow through, because they know you say what you mean and mean what you say?

Jesus, James, and Paul instruct us to make sure our “yes” is “yes” and our “no” is “no.” Although challenging, simply holding to your word is a beautiful, practical, and wonderful teaching tool for training your children up in the way they should go. Do you uphold righteousness in your home with your children gently, justly, humbly, and consistently? How many times are you repeating yourself? How many warnings do you give?

Are you upholding God’s Word and Jesus’ name above all things? Does He come first in your day and in your heart? If you have children, do you train them to do the same?

What little reminder can you put on your refrigerator to help you be kind, clear, concise, and consistent with your word? What is your prayer?