The Ministry Of Ordinary Places

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  This world, it will change us in so many uncomfortable, astonishing ways. But we’re still here, doing the things we’ve already done in the hidden corners of our precious, ordinary lives. We’re still here in our kitchens. We’re still here in our skin. The pain we face might look different now, but so much of life exists just to keep us in place.

We will continue to be bombarded with global crises and national funk, and we need to keep our head in the game. But God did not send his Son to earth as a politician or a nonprofit CEO. He sent our Savior as an everyday man and circled him up with an unlikely chosen few, misfits, regular folks trying to do better, just like us.

Then, as now, he drew mankind’s attention down to street level with the divine mission to push back the darkness one small moment at a time. For me, in this year of “Now what?” freedom is the sizzle of peppers hitting a hot skillet. It’s yellow cake with salted chocolate ganache. It’s walking shoes. A magnifying glass. A broom to sweep up the crumbs.

What I know now is that sometimes the best thing we can do for the world we’re in is let our roots keep growing with no regard to the climate around us.

We sleep. We work. We bloom.

We light up the world.


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