The Ministry Of Ordinary Places

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Somewhere on the path toward the weird way of Jesus, where conventional wisdom is replaced with foolish love and unpopular alliances, I uncovered my calling. It wasn’t new. It had always been there. But now, I was ready to see it. And because I’m your friend to the end, I’m here to save you the trouble: it’s your calling too.

As Christ-followers, we are called to be long-haul neighbors committed to authenticity and willing to take some risks. Our vocation is to invest deeply in the lives of those around us, devoted to one another, physically close to each other as we breathe the same air and walk the same blocks. Our purpose is not so mysterious after all. We get to love and be deeply loved right where we’re planted, by whomever happens to be near. We will inevitably encounter brokenness we cannot fix, solve, or understand, and we’ll feel as small, uncertain, and outpaced as we have ever felt. But we’ll find our very lives in this calling, to be among people as Jesus was, and it will change everything.

The details will look quiet and ordinary.

They will exhaust and exhilarate us.

But it will be the most worth-it adventure we will ever take.

Let’s go.