The Heart of a Hero

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The world needs heroes who believe they are meant for significance and influence. In every corner of our communities and around the world, people are desperate for someone to speak up and make a difference. The good news: There is no shortage of heroes. There is only a short supply of belief that we are each called to be a hero.

If you asked someone to describe a hero, you might get descriptions of those involved in very specific vocations. From sports heroes to police officers, firefighters, EMTS, doctors, nurses, military personnel, and foster parents. But before they donned the uniform or signed the dotted line to have a job that is also heroic, they had a pull, a beckoning that they responded to with a yes.

We all have talents, inclinations, experiences, and cultivated gifts. To respond to a need, we don’t have to meet a divine standard in specialness; we are all special. We must only draw from our God-given gifts. Whether we have a job that demands daily heroism or we sit at a desk and make the world better from our laptops or while caring for our kids, we have countless chances to rise up with a resounding “Yes!”

Hurting people rarely ask for a resumé and a list of references when they need a hero. If we listen beyond the clamor of our self-doubt, we will hear the call to be our courageous, authentic selves and be encouraged to show up for others.

We all have gifts and a calling to use them for the betterment of others. While we have different backgrounds and goals, we are united by our experience of struggles, pain, joy, and dreams. We are not that different even though we choose to live our lives differently. God gave us choice. We choose to smile or not. We choose to step outside of our comfort zones to connect with others. And, we choose to be someone’s lifeline, helping hand, or we choose to cross the street to avoid involvement in the plight of another.

You are invited to choose to believe that you are made for heroic acts of generosity and love in a very real, brave way. Let’s reimagine what a hero is and does so that we can embrace the role with conviction and excitement so that we will look for opportunities to walk in our good purpose.

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This devotional was adapted from Heroes Wanted by Rodney D. Bullard. To discover more about how you can follow your calling to make a difference in the world, visit