New Life


 God’s Gift 

There is a quality of life that God wants us to enjoy, but it’s a quality of life we only really get to know when we get to know Him. 

His Light, His Life, His Love – His nature and character form the context in which we were intended to live. His empowering presence is the ‘atmosphere’ in which we find ourselves fully alive – physically, psychologically and spiritually. And God has taken the initiative in setting us up to enjoy this life. 

God is the Father of Life, the Author of our life-story. He is actively engaged in every human life, empowering us to live life to the full. 

Created in His image, we are spiritual beings, designed to enjoy His intimate presence. He is the Lover of our soul, the One in whose embrace we are complete and content. 

Made in His likeness, we are relational beings, designed to thrive in quality relationships. 

By His Spirit we are empowered to reign in this life under His authority

We are ‘living temples’ for the indwelling presence of God, designed to impact our physical world in practical ways.