Spirit Of Fire By Tamryn Klintworth

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Working with the Holy Spirit  

When Jesus was filled with the Holy Spirit, the picture of a dove was used to symbolize the Spirit of God coming down upon our Lord (see Matthew 3:16). As we know, a dove is commonly used to symbolize peace. Appropriately, the Holy Spirit is the one who floods our hearts with the peace of God, comforting, loving and teaching us, ever-present and always trustworthy. Jesus spoke about Him being the One who would guide believers into all truth (see John 16:13). 

When we speak to someone about Christ, the Holy Spirit is right there with us, molding our words into fiery arrows of deliverance. When we pray for the sick and downtrodden, the Holy Spirit is right by our side, flooding our hands with healing power. Our mouths and hands become the vessels of His witness. 

Indeed, we bear witness together with Him, man and God working hand in hand and setting the captives free! He is our partner in the miraculous. The Holy Spirit is indeed the Chief Witness from Heaven, always eager to proclaim Jesus through His co-witness, the believer.

Being baptized with the Spirit endues us with power (see Acts 1:8 and 1 Corinthians 2:10–12). We become partners with the Power-Carrier of all power-carriers: the Spirit of the Most High God! We become His teammate, His co-laborer. And, our heavenly associate does not merely hold our hand. Rather, He permeates us, making us utterly one with Him. This is an all-pervading, infiltrating, saturating infusion. God seeps and man absorbs. How spectacular!

Thereafter, where man moves, God moves; and where God moves, He bids man to move. Man and God move together, carrying out the Great Commission plan.