Spirit Of Fire By Tamryn Klintworth

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The Bridge

In essence, the believer is the bridge between the unbeliever and Jesus. John the Baptist was described as a witness, born to proclaim all the wonders of Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God who was to take away the sins of the world. John’s primary purpose was to connect people with the Savior of their souls. 

Now, just as John was called to be a witness, so is every believer. Our words and actions form the link between the lost and Christ. If we choose not to shine for Him, the unbeliever is left with no hope of redemption (see Matthew 5:16).

This is an extraordinary concept. Although Jesus died and rose again, His death and His resurrection can have no impact on anyone should this knowledge not be communicated. We are all John the Baptists, so to speak, being commanded to go forth and be the bridge between this world and our awe-inspiring Savior (see Matthew 28:19–20). 

This is both a tremendous responsibility and a wonderful privilege. The Great Commission is a call to action. It is a call to do something, not to sit passively by while multitudes live and die without Christ.

As it was John’s responsibility to prepare for the first coming of Christ, so it is our responsibility to prepare for the second. How are we to do so? By proclaiming the glorious good news of redemption!