Faith Forward Future By Chad Veach

Day 3 of 7 • This day’s reading


If we don’t have to be perfect to walk into God’s amazing plan, and we can bring the ugliest parts of ourselves—our shame, our failures, and our weaknesses—to him, now what? Do we simply keep walking in this shame and ugliness? Though we belong even if we’ve made the worst of mistakes, do we continue to make those mistakes? If we’re maimed and crippled, should we still believe that’s the way it will always be for us?

Absolutely not!

As you begin to realize that God’s amazing plans are even for the imperfect, you’ll also need to realize one important fact: God loves you just the way you are, but he loves you way too much to leave you that way.

We’re all grateful that Jesus loves, accepts, and forgives even the greatest of sinners. But he doesn’t stop there. When you finally understand that you belong and choose to walk in faith, you’ll begin to see God’s transforming power.

He comes into our lives and instantly begins to rearrange things. Jesus healed so many throughout the Bible, like the crippled beggar in John 5, the woman with the issue of blood in Mark 5, and the blind man in John 9. Just as he gave the crippled back his legs, freed the woman of her infirmities, and restored vision to the blind, Jesus is ready to heal whatever issue, limp, or hurt you bring to him.

Your broken marriage isn’t too far gone for Jesus. The anxiety you struggle with doesn’t intimidate him. The dream you tried and failed won’t embarrass him. He’s ready to use and heal all your messes. It starts by coming to him with a sense of belonging. Approach him in prayer throughout the day, and think about his plan with a new perspective—one that knows nothing is impossible with him.

God’s plan is to make you and your future even better than it is right now, but first you must realize that you belong in that future and be ready to bring your weakness to him.