Faith Forward Future By Chad Veach

Day 1 of 7 • This day’s reading


I don’t think most people can fathom the greatness of their tomorrows. A lot of people don’t see a picture in their heads of themselves affecting many lives. Many don’t see a boat overflowing with fish, promises of a lifetime of possibility, or a name change that comes with a life change. This may be because that career they thought they’d have when they grew up didn’t pan out, or the miracles they thought they’d be seeing in their marriage didn’t happen.

Many of us have dead dreams. It’s time to jumpstart and dream again. This time around, let’s dream with God. His possibility is available to all. It’s possibility like this that caused Peter to jump out of the boat and follow Jesus.

Peter’s life is proof that God has a plan. It demonstrates that even if you’re experiencing God for the first time, God has known you all along and has great things in store for you. Understanding the future that comes with God could be the game changer for your life. If you can see a glimpse of what God has in store for you, you might make a decision like Peter’s to get out of the boat and follow him.

Think about your own life. What could God have for you? Will you write that book? Will you start that nonprofit? Will you influence art and culture? Will you change the world? What story is God waiting to write for you? . . .

The best is truly yet to come if you swap out your own agenda for God’s. All of our lives are intertwined in his amazing plan. It’s time to wrap your head around the fact that God is going to stay committed to the tomorrow he has in store for you.

This is not another hype man who won’t deliver on his word. God is not a god of cruel tricks; he’s a God of precious promises.

The promises throughout the Bible are for an abundant life. They are not practical jokes. This amazing tomorrow God has in mind is possible for you and me. 

What are we waiting for?