5 Days of Prayer For My Children

Day 3 of 5 • This day’s reading


An Attitude of Gratitude

Stories from a parent's heart

Wonder and awe must have been at least part of what Mary felt when she made her joyful declaration to God: “My soul magnifies the Lord” (Luke 1:46 ESV). Mary’s exaltation and gratitude were not about possessions, position, or status, but about relationship. As the most blessed of all women, Mary’s blessing came through a divinely provided relationship. Her exaltation and worship were responses to gifts from the Father. 

In a similar way, those of us who have children have been divinely blessed with gifts from the Lord (see Psalm 127:3). The apostle James also reminds us that every good and perfect gift comes down from the Father above (see James 1:17). The same God who blessed Mary with His announcement of Christ has given us some of His most special gifts.

They are the good (and sometimes perfect) gifts my God has given me. Because of this, my soul magnifies the Lord.

Pray: Listen to Jesus

In case you’re unsure of how to connect with me, I’ve given you a hint: Thank me. I’ve given you everything you enjoy— every breath you breathe and every relationship you call dear. It’s my absolute joy to give, yet it hurts my heart when the ones I love forget to say thank you. I feel loved and honored when I hear your words of gratitude. My followers who have learned to acclaim me walk in my presence and find great blessing. Your gratitude keeps us close.

  • Jesus, I don’t ever want you to feel disappointed because I forget to say thank you. When I imagine how much you have given to me and our family and how you might experience hurt because of my lack of gratitude, I feel _________.

  • Lord, I don’t want to forget to say thank you for my children. Remind me of all the ways my children are a special blessing from you. Keep me from being critical, negative, or harsh. I’m grateful you have given them to me because _________.

Live: Do the Bible

  • God, I want to bring you honor with my gratitude. Remind me of some of the special ways you have recently loved me. Today, I am particularly grateful for these ten things: _________.

  • God, in the same way, I pray for my children. Would you move my children’s hearts with gratefulness for how you have loved and cared for us? I want them to feel especially thankful for _________.

Take Action

  • Share a post on social media or find some other public way to demonstrate your gratitude for your children: “I’ve recently been reminded of some of the great qualities in my children. I don’t say it enough: I’m grateful God gave them to me because _________.”

  • Begin each day by modeling gratitude with and for your child: “I woke up this morning so grateful that God has loved us by _________. What are you glad about?”