5 Days of Prayer For My Children

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Closer to Him

Stories from a parent's heart

I struggled throughout my life with overwork. My wife and I argued about family priorities often; we were definitely in agreement about this challenge. My wife told me that I was way too preoccupied with things at the office. I tried to change, even shedding tears on many occasions over my compulsion to work and my tendency to neglect our family.

This dilemma of parenting led us to a counselor’s office. One day, with tears streaming down my cheeks, I shared, “You know, I think a major reason why I don’t go home is that I’m afraid. I’m afraid that I don’t know how to be a father. I know my children need me, but I’m not sure I know how to give to them. I feel adequate at work, but I don’t feel adequate with my own children.”

I’ve also discovered that I’m not alone in this struggle. Many parents—fathers and mothers alike—feel inadequate with their own children. Parenting isn’t easy. Raising spiritually, emotionally, and physically healthy children can be incredibly challenging at times. That’s why our first goal as a parent is to become a disciple—a learner, one who is taught, one who listens to and follows Jesus.

Pray: listen to Jesus

I long to have quiet moments of conversation with you. I love when you are still and free of distractions, because those are the times when you can truly feel my love. I have equipped you with everything you need, so come to me often and I’ll remind you of my gifts. I especially enjoy seeing you pray together as a family. When all of us come together in prayer, miraculous things can happen. Remember, I am the God of love. So it’s in these quiet moments of time with me that I can be your unlimited source of sacrificial love. 

  • Jesus, I ask that you quiet my mind and my spirit. Help me to focus on you. In my relationship with my kids, I am depending upon you to ________. Sometimes I don’t know how to ________, so I’m counting on you to teach me ________.

  • Lord, since you are the God of love, I am counting on you to ________. I ask that you empower me to love my children by ________.

Live: do the Bible

  • God, I come to you now about the challenges we are facing. I need to know that you care about _________. Please reassure me of your love. I need you to intervene in this situation and empower and equip me to _________.

  • God, I pray for my children. They need to know that you care about these challenges. Please reassure them of your love. They need you to intervene and equip in this situation because _________.

Take action

  • Invite your children to pray with you about any decisions they may be facing. Ask God to give you both clear direction and certainty.

  • Invite your children to pray with you about any struggles or hardships they may be facing. Ask the Lord for wisdom and guidance. Let your children hear you call upon the heavenly Father and voice your trust in His care. Look for how God answers, and then be sure to celebrate His provision.