5 Days of Prayer For My Children


Living Out Our Identity

Stories from a parent's heart

I’ve discovered that no single factor is more closely associated with successful growing up than one’s sense of identity: Who am I? Identity is sometimes thought of as one’s internalized picture of oneself. Thus, people can like, dislike, or even hate themselves. This is just one reason why shaping a child’s sense of identity is of major importance in the parenting journey.

We all have an eternal significance to our Creator; we have a special identity to Him. As a parent, I have the privilege for a few short years to affirm the identity that the Father has declared in my children. Here’s what God says is true about my children: God has declared them worth the gift of His Son. God says that His deepest desire is that my children belong to His family—as joint-heirs with Jesus. God says that as my children come to follow Jesus, they are blessed with every spiritual blessing and can do all things through Christ.

As our children come to embrace their incalculable worth to the heavenly Father, find security in their belonging as joint heirs with Christ, and experience the competency of every spiritual blessing, they will enter adult life prepared and motivated to lead the life that God intends.

Pray: Listen to Jesus

You are a treasure. My Father has declared that you are worth the gift of His Son. You are one of the majestic ones in whom I delight. Remember, dear one: You belong to a royal family. You are a joint heir in my kingdom; you belong to me, as I belong to my Father. Since you are a member of our family, you have been blessed with every spiritual blessing. You can do everything that you need to do as you find your strength in me. Children are gifts from me. Gifts are to be treasured, valued, studied, protected, and cherished.

  • Jesus, I feel _________ when I hear your declaration of my worth, belonging, and how you have equipped me with every spiritual blessing. I’m especially grateful for _________.

  • Lord, how do I need to treasure my children? Show me how I can cherish and value the precious gifts you have given me. Guide me in how to affirm their identity, so they _________.

Live: Do the Bible

  • God, as I consider that you are thinking of me every single moment and that I am constantly in your thoughts, I am filled with gratitude because _________.

  • God, in the same way, I want my children to consider and experience the wonder of how you cherish them. Help me to convey that truth in meaningful ways by _________.

Take Action

  • Affirm your children’s worth by doing things they like to do and by talking about their dreams, goals, ideas, feelings, and opinions. Accept your children’s differences with patience and care.

  • Affirm your children’s belonging with plenty of verbalized love: “I’ve been thinking today about what a gift you are to our family and how much I love you.”

  • Affirm your children’s competence by encouraging them to try new skills. Look for ways to support and build their confidence. Set goals with your children and celebrate when they are accomplished.