Renew, Rebuild, Restore - A 21 Day Prayer Devotional


Rebuilding Your Foundations 

The last couple of days I have been watching my neighbors working in their yard, laying foundations for building work. They have been moving sand from a large pile to spread over their yard. They are only using simple tools, for example, a shovel and bowl to carry the sand. This seems a very slow process and a hard, tiring job as they work throughout the day during the heat of the sun. 

God promises in this verse from Isaiah 54:11 that he will rebuild the city that is lashed by storms with precious stones. Life brings us many storms and it can feel unsettling and without comfort at these times. When we make a commitment to follow Jesus we allow God to start a process in us where he can rebuild us from those storms. But this is not an easy process, like my neighbors toiling each day to lay foundations, we have to lay those foundations and allow God to begin those changes in us. 

If we were to take an easy path and just make everything look good on the surface without the proper foundations then eventually our foundations would sink. We need to allow “the master builder” to break up our shaky foundations and to rebuild our lives. This may mean giving up things we once held as important, it may mean accepting where we have been going wrong (the sin in our lives) and asking forgiveness from God. 

In 2 Corinthians 5:17 we read how we can be made new. God does not rebuild us with the same old stones he rebuilds us with precious stones, we are much improved, we are a new creation and we can shine like the precious stones that Jesus rebuilt us with.

Prayer Focus: 

Thank you, Father, that you can rebuild our lives and when storms have lashed us, you are our comforter. We pray that however hard the process of rebuilding our foundations is, that we are open to this so that we can be a new creation that can shine for you. In Jesus name, Amen.