Renew, Rebuild, Restore - A 21 Day Prayer Devotional


Living a set apart life 

Most of us are happy to be called as Christians, but often forget what it means to be called as Christians. Living in this world we tend to live according to the patterns of this world and forget that we are called to reflect Christ. The Bible says that we should live a life that is acceptable and pleasing to God. As Christians, we are more focused on what we should not do, than what we are called to do. We should remember the calling and the responsibility that comes from being a child of God. We are called to be set apart, to be different, to set people free, to proclaim the freedom of God, to be the example of Christ’s love and to reveal God’s power through our lives. But when we try to follow the pattern of this world, we make no difference. The bible clearly warns us not to live according to the world but to be “transformed by the renewal of our minds”. How do we renew our minds? Through following the word of God, we renew our mind. In renewing our mind, our will comes in agreement with the will of the father. We no longer see through our eyes, but God’s eyes, we will no longer live by sight but by faith and faith comes by hearing the word of God. In being renewed in our mind, we naturally tend to do the will of the father in everything and be transformed in the image of God. Now, this is what God predestined us for. 

In these days of prayer, let us take a moment to see if we are really living a set apart life, are we doing what we are called to do. Are we making any difference? 

Prayer Focus:

Father, thank you for the call in my life. I am called to make a difference and not to be conformed to this world. As a Christ follower, help me to understand that I am called into a greater commitment, to be transformed in my mind to see things the way you see it and help me to reflect Christ's love to this world. Help me set out and make a difference in my family and to the community in Jesus name, Amen.