Renew, Rebuild, Restore - A 21 Day Prayer Devotional


Rebuild your faith in Jesus and He will rebuild your life 

The woman in this story was healed instantly by touching Jesus’ cloak. Jesus healed many in unique ways. We don’t hear of any other healing occurring by touching Jesus’ clothes. She spent a lot of her money and energy on getting treatment for twelve years, she would have been left alone by her family because of her sickness, she would have experienced a lot of pain and suffering. She would have lost all her hope of recovery. But one day she heard about Jesus and believed she could be healed. She lacked the courage to ask for healing publicly and instead touched his cloak receiving immediate healing. What a great miracle it is!

Damien lived in Georgia, USA. His parents misused alcohol and his mother was associated with the Mafia. He lived in a poor neighborhood and grew up seeing his parents fight all the time. At the age of 17, his mother said, “I hate you! I wish I never had you! You should’ve died!”. When he heard this, his heart was broken, he was devastated. The bitterness made him show his anger toward everyone and resulted in him developing bad relationships.

He turned to drugs and lost hope for the future, believing he would never have a good life. He was driven out of home by his mother and started living on the streets. He attempted suicide many times, believing nobody cared about him. He ended up in prison. On hearing about Jesus, God opened his eyes and he started to pray to ask Jesus for a sign, that if Jesus is God, he should deliver him from prison. Lord Jesus intervened in his life and proved that He is God. He delivered him out the prison. Damien’s life was transformed and he committed his life to Jesus. He is now a living testimony for Jesus. 

Dear friend, you may be in a similar situation like Damien. You might have gone through failures and you may find yourself alone. The same living God who rebuilt Damien’s life and healed the woman who touched Jesus’ cloak, can heal and transform your life. All you need to do is put your trust and faith in the one living God, commit to following in Jesus’ footsteps and He will rebuild your life. (Proverbs 3:5-6).

Prayer Focus:

Dear Heavenly Father Please Rebuild my faith in You, please heal my life so that I can serve you faithfully. In the gracious name of Lord Jesus, I pray, Amen.