Renew, Rebuild, Restore - A 21 Day Prayer Devotional


Renewing of your mind 

Paul highlights that our bodies are living sacrifices, and our minds and thoughts should not be influenced by the ways of the world. On a daily basis, our mind is bombarded with information from various media, with much of the information disturbing our spiritual growth. We need to filter out the unnecessary and unhealthy information, as this can influence our thoughts, conversations, behaviors, and habits. Eventually, it would change our character and defile the inward man. 

If we conform to this world we can be overcome by its darkness. In order to chase out the darkness in an unlit room, we need to bring a light that brightens the room wherever its rays reach. 

The enlightening word of God helps us with transforming our minds from unwanted thoughts and brings our minds closer toward the Lord (Hebrews 4:12). The renewing of our mind leads us to know what is good, acceptable and what the perfect will of God is (Romans 12:2).

The late Billy Graham committed his life to Christ through an evangelical meeting in 1934. While at Bible college, Billy was asked to preach, and he preached for eight minutes. After that experience, he sensed he was being called by God to preach the gospel. Billy’s mind was renewed toward God’s plan for his life. One night in 1938, while taking one of many nighttime walks around a golf course, Billy got down on his knees at the edge of one of the greens, prostrated himself before the Lord and prayed, “O God if you want me to serve You, I will.” From that night on, Billy’s life purpose was set. He became a mighty man of God who carried the gospel of his Savior, Jesus Christ to many nations. This is possible when a child of God does not conform to the world but allows God to renew his/her mind. (Source: Billy Graham Biography

Prayer Focus:

Dear Loving Father God I ask that I am not conformed to the ways of the world and that my mind is transformed and renewed to become acceptable to you and to follow your will. Amen.