The Good News Of The Gospel

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We are living in a world of continuous stimulation. It’s possible that our generation may be the most distracted culture in all of history. The constant barrage of information accompanied with immediate accessibility encourages our fast-paced daily routines - inevitably encouraging self-absorbed, entitled lifestyles. It seems that every moment we are inundated by images and messages of violence, division, separation, hatred, and corruption. Tragic, heartbreaking events are on the rise in our country. As these tragic events transpire, we fall into the trap of trying to speak directly at the issues. We attempt to find individual remedies for individual problems, ultimately leaving us disillusioned and exhausted. It damages our morale when the attempted remedy isn’t effective at resolving the problem.

The blatant, obvious truth is that we have the cure! We have the fix! We have the answer for all the problems within our culture. The answer is the resurrection power and message of Jesus Christ! The resurrection power that is inside of every believer is the same power that raised Jesus from the dead! It’s the power that transcends and transforms cultures and environments. The power of the Gospel is the most powerful force the planet has ever known, and that same power lives inside us!

Ask the Lord today for the grace to abandon everything that competes with your absolute devotion to Him. When we steward this flame of devotion, he responds by pouring out His presence - which is what changes the environment around us! It’s all about the cross! It’s all about the Gospel! It’s the only message that changes anything!

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